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Occluder Component

The occluder component is used to add invisible geometry to a scene that is only used for occlusion culling.

Occlusion buffer

Currently the occluder component always uses a box shape.

Contrary to greybox geometry, the occluder component itself is invisible. Enable occluder geometry visualization to see it in action.

Occluders can be moved around dynamically, so you can attach it to a door and it will properly occlude objects when the door closes. You can also (de-)activate the entire component programmatically. For example a breakable wall can use an occluder as long as it is intact, and deactivate it when the wall breaks.

Component Properties

  • Extents: The size of the box.

See Also

  • Occlusion Culling

  • Greyboxing

Last modified: 09 June 2024