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Animation Events

Animation events are markers that are placed in animation clip assets to indicate that something of interest happens at a certain time during playback.

These events can be used for mundane things like foot down markers, in a walking animation, to vital gameplay information like shot fired in an attack animation.

Whenver the Plasma animation system plays back any animation clip, it also inspects all the event track. For every event that it encounters, it broadcasts an plMsgGenericEvent with Message set to the value of the event's name.

If you have a TypeScript or Visual Script (or custom C++ components that is also an event handler) attached to any parent node of the animated mesh, you can handle this type of event and react with the desired game logic.

![[anim-clip.gif]] The clip above shows the event track at the bottom of an animation clip asset.

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Last modified: 09 June 2024